Budget Dentures: Are The Savings Worth It?

Economical, low-cost, affordable, discount, budget: when these adjectives are used to describe a product you know what that product's selling point is. Not all dentures are created equal. Budget dentures may be considerably cheaper than their custom-made equivalents, but are the savings worth it?

Custom-Made Dentures

Standard denture treatment results in dentures that are custom-made. This is achieved by the use of a pliable molding material, which allows a denture clinic to make an exact replica of the dimensions of the upper and lower dental arches and palates. This mold is then used to make the dentures. The acrylic base plate is color-matched to the patient's gums, and the prosthetic teeth inserted into the base plate can be shaped to be a replica of the patient's (now lost) natural teeth. You can't get this degree of precision with budget dentures.

Premade Dentures

Budget dentures are brand new, although are often premade. Measurements are taken of your mouth to determine the best fit from the denture clinic's existing selection. These dentures are then lined with an additional layer of resin added to the base plate to fit the contours of your mouth. This leads to an acceptable fit, although your budget dentures won't be as comfortable and functional as custom-made dentures.

Color and Shape Issues

In addition to the less-than-ideal fit of budget dentures, the acrylic base plate may not match the shade of your gums. The teeth inserted into the base plate won't necessarily be the same shape as your natural teeth once were either. They'll be shaped in line with their specific function (incisors, canines, molars, etc), but this won't necessarily match the unique appearance of your teeth prior to their loss. The materials for both the base plate and prosthetic teeth can be lower-quality than custom-made dentures, meaning that wear and tear will become more evident within a shorter time frame. Put simply, budget dentures won't look as natural or feel as comfortable as custom-made dentures.

Early Replacement

Although the thought of saving money might be appealing, budget dentures won't stand the test of time as efficiently as custom-made dentures, and won't look especially natural during this time either. Since replacement will become an issue sooner than it would with custom-made dentures, any savings may only be in the short term. 

The price of budget dentures can make this option rather tempting, but when it comes to replacing your teeth with dentures—you really get what you pay for.

For more information on denture treatment, contact your dentist.