How To Brush Your Baby’s Teeth Properly

As a parent, you want to give proper care to your little babies and this includes proper dental care and hygiene of their little baby teeth. It is very important to recognize that the proper care and treatment of babies' teeth and gums will determine how well their permanent teeth will be and how much overall care and treatment they will need in the future. These little baby teeth serve as little placeholders for the permanent teeth that will eventually come in.

Importance of caring for baby teeth

Many parents are under the false impression that since they are baby teeth, that it is not as important to worry about maintaining and caring for them. This is so far from the truth. It is critical to care for babies teeth since this early care will set the pace for the permanent teeth they will grow in years ahead.

Treating and caring for baby teeth is, in essence, caring for the foundation of your children's teeth. Much like building a house, you have to lay a solid healthy foundation first before you can construct the walls and the rest of the house. If you do not build a solid foundation, then any constructing you do on the surface after the fact is apt to break down or even fall down.

Such is the same with your babies' teeth. These initial teeth are a foundation and building block for those permanent teeth to come in as they grow. It is very important for you as a parent to make certain that this foundation is maintained and cared for properly to allow any future teeth that come in to be strong and not break down or fall out. The proper way to brush your babies' teeth is ever so simple.

How to clean baby teeth

When baby's first tooth appears, you want to take a very soft piece of cloth or gauze and gently wipe the baby's teeth and gums removing any milk or baby food residue from the surface. You don't want to allow food or milk to remain on the tiny teeth since bacteria can form in the baby's mouth and cause all sorts of problems, not only dental.


As your little one's tiny little teeth start growing, it is so important for you to make certain that you care for these little teeth and allow for their permanent teeth to initially come in healthy. After all, isn't that what good parents do – make sure their little ones are well taken care of and provided for? For further assistance, contact professionals, such as those from Gardner Dental Group Family Dentistry.