5 Tips For Managing A Toothache Caused By Tooth Decay

If you suffer from tooth decay, there's not much you can do to relieve the toothaches that are directly associated with the decay until you are able to see your dentist who can restore the affected teeth. While waiting to see your dentist, you will want to know of some ways that you can manage the pain that are caused by the toothaches from tooth decay. This way you can live as comfortable as possible until the day of your dental appointment. Here are five tips to help you manage the pain:

  1. Avoid Hot and Cold Foods and Drinks: Extremely hot or cold foods and drinks can cause some serious pain. This is because the layer of your teeth that protect the nerves inside the teeth from experiencing high levels of pain is obstructed when you are suffering from tooth decay. 
  2. Use Over-The-Counter Pain Relief: If the pain is really bad, then you may consider over-the-counter medications. These medications can be helpful to take before you go to bed or if you are going out for the day with friends or family. The best type of medication would be any that works for treating inflammation. 
  3. Floss Between the Painful Teeth: Although it may sound uncomfortable to do, flossing between the painful teeth can actually help. This is because you will help to remove bacteria and food particles that could be causing the pain to be worse. 
  4. Use Oil of Cloves: Oil of cloves is something that can be found at most health food stores. Purchase this oil and then soak it in a cotton ball before applying to the painful tooth for about ten seconds. This can relieve a great deal of pain. Oil of cloves is an ingredient that is even found in most dental pain relievers. 
  5. Seal the Hole: There are some over-the-counter filling materials that allow you to temporarily seal a hole caused by tooth decay. By doing this, you can prevent food particles and bacteria from coming into contact with it, which can help reduce pain.

By knowing some ways to manage a toothache caused by tooth decay, you can be sure that you are able to live as comfortably as possible before you go to your dental appointment where your dentist will restore the tooth. Be sure that you talk to your dentist if you have any concerns about the pain and see if you can even schedule an appointment sooner if the pain is really bad.